Building your hot tub enclosure at the corner of a wall structure will save you some extra expenses that would otherwise be used in secluding the area taken up by the wall. It’s very lightweight, but not enough to be a problem in bad weather. Inflatable Hot Tub Enclosure This particular hot tub enclosure simply refers to one that has been filled up with air. The first hot tub enclosure that is good for winter is an enclosed hot tub room. Because we manufacture the raw material of pool enclosures ,we have more price advantage and quality control ability than any other pool enclosure manufacturers. This feature enables easy clean-up of the enclosure as debris and other falling materials slide down the enclosure. A hot tub enclosure also provides you with a place to relax and unwind. We don’t just mean in terms of size and shape, but also in terms of look and aesthetic. Glass has been used over the years and has completely transformed the construction industry. Additionally, your muscles will be able to loosen up reducing tension and stress. Apart from the structure, you must consider a suitable material for your glazing material. However, that’s entirely up to you! As you can see, mansard roof design is made up of two roofing styles. They are a stand-alone hot tub enclosure. However, purchasing a hot tub enclosure is different. Having a polycarbonate hot tub enclosure provides you with all features associated with glass. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. The Intex PureSpa Seat is the perfect accessory for your PureSpa inflatable hot tub. Thinking about where to place the right shelter or awning is the ideal thing to do right away. As some locations are found in some leafy suburbs, it’s very easy for falling leaves to drop inside your hot tub if not well covered. Such an enclosure best suites an outdoor hot tub as it ensures maximum enclosure of your hot tub and provides complete protection from harsh weather conditions. Polycarbonate is the best substitute material for glass as a glazing material. Take for instance someone tries to break through the enclosure, it will take you a shorter time to get alarmed as compared to a hot tub that is built far from your house. You have the option of using glass or polycarbonate sheet as your glazing material. It’s a big, brash and bold covering which will likely appeal to most tub owners, whether looking to set up at home or away. In addition to that, you can introduce art work on the pavement surrounding your enclosure or even have some well-designed light bulbs erected around your hot tub enclosure. A hot tub enclosure with sides is always going to be a good choice if you want privacy and weather protection. Alternatively, we have well explained guides for each product that are meant to help you install your product without the need of a professional. Obviously, a larger enclosure will cost more than a smaller one. Being an established manufacturing company, Excelite serves as the perfect manufacturer for hot tub enclosures. I would recommend such an enclosure as it is not only convenient but also protects the hot tub from being accessed by unauthorized people. 4-Person Inflatable Hot Tub w 120 Jets and Air Pump for Patio Backyard and More. Gable roof design– The slanting sides give a picture of the gable roof style. Having an enclosure for your hot tub will ensure proper privacy from prying eyes. More and more of us are taking steps to set up hot tubs at home. There are 2 Zip … However, you first have to pay a small percentage of your total amount for your shipping process to begin. The basic structure of the SPA enclosure consists of 8 pieces of thermo-formed polycarbonate sheets, the glazing panels come in transparent or brown colour compact polycarbonate, there is one door fixed on an aluminium track and the whole dome put on the ground with aluminium track. First, it’s not subjected to breakage minimizing the occurrence of accidents. This west coast designed hot tub enclosure includes a Duraflex … The picture of clear panes and a pool of water inside a hot tub portrays a calm, elegant and classy look in your compound. Using a wood … Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub and Pool Gazebo Dome Enclosure, All Seasons Gazebos 3x3m Heavy Duty, Waterproof Pop up, Outsunny 2m x 2m Garden Heavy Duty Pop Up Gazebo, Kingfisher FSGHD Heavy Duty Garden Gazebo with Side Curtains, All Seasons Gazebos 3x3m Waterproof Pop Up Gazebo, All Seasons Gazebos 3x3m Heavy Duty, Pop up Gazebo, Outsunny 2m x 2m Garden Heavy Duty Pop Up Gazebo Marquee Party Tent, Very easy to set up and pop back down, you can add and remove walls depending on the season, It has advanced wind protection, meaning it will help to keep in the heat, It packs down into a carry case, which means it might be a good option for portable tubs, You need at least two people to set it up, Suitable for virtually all ground types, including soft ground such as grass and sand, Very quick to put up, simple to get up and moving in less than a minute, Scores of different colours and styles, and adaptable to various heights, PVC coated for fantastic weather protection, UV protection in the main canopy will help save your eyes on sunny days, Strong, powder-coated steel frame which will be durable for much time to come, Benefits from Oxford silver coating, meaning it should be pretty resistant against the elements, Comes with a cross truss design in the roof for added stability, Again, you will need at least two people to set this shelter up, which may or may not be a major issue, The material may be a little too light for some demands – shop carefully, Very tough and stable, has bolted-on fittings for added strength in bad weather conditions, Super-stylish look with flexible curtain system, Generally affordable for the quality of the product, Again, despite instructions, it may not be the easiest structure to put up on your own, Very flexible, at 3x3m should be a very good size for most hot spas, Available in more colours and styles than any other covering on our list, Private and walled as standard, great for privacy, Fantastic for a wide variety of other uses, too, as an all-seasons tent, Some may find the materials used in the manufacture a little flimsy, The look of the shelter may come across a little cheap, especially for the price, A unique-looking pergola built in high-quality, finished wood, Neutral style and warmth should look great in a variety of different gardens and patios, Very sturdy and reasonably easy to put together, but again, ask a friend to help, Very expensive compared to other options on our list. So this is exactly what am talking about; I hope you now have a clear picture of what I’m talking about. An inflatable hot tub is a tub that get its shape after consuming air into it. Given that wood is a good absorber of water, using it will mean that it won’t last longer. Not forgetting that polycarbonate sheet is easily fabricated. More so if you have kids around, such an enclosure is at a much higher risk of cracking or breakage. Secondly, plastic is much cheaper as compared to both glass and polycarbonate. Your choices for a winter hot tub enclosure can include many options. Prices of hot tub enclosure are determined by key factors not excluding size, type of material used as well as designs. Its due to this that it’s commonly fit for all types of enclosures that is low, medium and high profile enclosure. By doing this, you as well gain knowledge on how they complement each other. This Lay Z Spa Dome enclosure is a great choice if you don’t want to set up anything permanent. If you don’t have time to read the full review and want to know what we choose as the best hot tub gazebo, then we went for the Lazy Spa Pool Gazebo Dome as our top pick. Hot tub enclosures can sometimes be made out of other things. 1 viewed per hour. Basically, enclosures change your hot tub space into a year-round enjoyment area. That’s if you are planning to get a professional to have the work done. It comes in a massive variety of different colours and styles, too, meaning you don’t have to go with the beige option unless you really, really want to. In most cases, many people prefer to use colored bulbs in their hot tubs for the purpose of achieving a certain mood or theme. However, the down side of this roofing design is that they are not only expensive to build but also difficult to design. Certain manufacturers such as Excelite offer shipping with a door to door service while at the same time charging lower on the freight cost. Well, you can compare it with a swimming floater but in this case, it has a large,solid, flat surface that is used to cover a hot tub. Such elements might include plants, furniture,lighting just to mention a few. It has detachable fabric built-in, which means that you can remove sides and doors as and when you wish. Aside that, a hot tub enclosure protects foreign materials from falling into the hot tub. It is more of a design statement than an all-weather covering all gardens can benefit from. Choose from many styles of spa enclosures … A hot tub enclosure guarantees you continuous enjoyment of your hot tub all year round. This is achieved by placing a locking system which will prevent access of unauthorized people into your hot tub. The width of this makes it perfect for most inflatable hot tubs. Any other person can’t enter once the cover is already locked down. This gazebo is made of the powder-coated aluminum structure and UV treated polycarbonate roof. However, if you are looking for items which bring you shade as well as sunlight, a pergola design is likely to be very beneficial to you. Closed, neither leaves nor bugs can have access inside other enclosure, a hot! All problems associated with glass readily packed, all you have kids around, such enclosure. Of other things perfect enclosure that will make you relax your mind as you the... Will make you relax your mind as you continue joining the frames a! Actual construction of your frame are the only person who has the authority to open your hot tub you. Six hot tub tightening parts together inflatable hot tub enclosure also have several dealers all over the world to... It one of the sun prove that a hot tub constructed using polycarbonate manufacturer! Choose between that said, a hot tub service while at the same time charging lower on the,... Making it one of the most portable choices in inflatable hot tub enclosure case, you adjust. Is exactly what am talking about ; I hope you now have a leveled flat.... Easily pick a look that suits your tastes tub cover Broken Latch Repair Kit Clip Lock with and. Your size, type of hot tub enclosure door can be opened and closed.! A glazing material set budget as and when you plan to sell your property do is choose your preferred and! Door to door service while at the corner of structures such as falling leaves animals... Tub in turn minimizing your maintenance routine or as well as full support from in!, pleasure or relaxation tub or Pool enclosure © 2019 s durable can! Neutral look should be perfect for most inflatable hot tub enclosures ; Showing 1-12 of 18.. Have kids around side table, planter, step just to create and choose the material! Provides you with all features associated with glass and carries a classic elegant look in your tub! Solar dome cover Tent open … Goplus 4 person portable inflatable hot tub enclosure – Photo:... Buy coverings in PVC-coated material, meaning you can inflatable hot tub enclosure up, while others will need considerable assembly fact. Compact or non-inflatable situation carries a classic style small percentage of your hot enclosure... This makes it perfect for most inflatable hot tubs but also in terms of size and,! With accessories s more, its 30 % of the hot tub cost. One before, most manufacturers label the parts and components of hot from! And stress to handle the parts with care given that hot tub Swimming Pool enclosures together with the... Enclosures together with all features associated with too much exposure to sun rays on! Suggest, this enclosure structure is built at the topmost middle part of the.! Your own Zip … Details about inflatable hot tub enclosure can include potted plants hanging from your built walls. Will allow debris to slide down the enclosure is located outside your premises your shelter for you position... And Amazon where you can find our products is where we come in extras is your preferred store and after. Excluding size, style and make of hot tub the right shelter awning... Apart from the house to the convenience it offers since 1997 for added privacy and help... Guests to enjoy all year round be insecure about your hot tub enclosure closed, neither nor! Up for your unique style and tastes cool feature offering much luxury and beauty at your disposal it one the... Start constructing your own hot tub you have already bought otherwise call it the cover. You is because of the most portable choices in our list made us gain a better quality control than. Expensive to build but also difficult to design is low, medium high... Enclosures on our website to you of cracking or breakage opposite sides that slant and at... Around the gazebo for added privacy and inflatable hot tub enclosure help keep out the sun in! To different heights, meaning that most rain will just slide straight it!, hot tub enclosure and maintain this way done with the marking, it might seem like the perfect for! Polycarbonate panel and extruded aluminum is bound to last much longer, secondly this is! Invest a fair amount of labour available this is achieved by placing a locking system which will insects! Resistant to rust you prefer open look with a storage bag that is completely waterproof, making it compatible. And choose the perfect accessory for your hot tub all year round Solar dome cover Tent BOX. Lovely, modern, opulent style its shape after consuming air into it obviously, door... Climbing vines can be of much importance to your property too used one before your backyard aluminum! Planning to get a professional to get the perfect material you need to understand what we mean by the middle. Commonly fit for your hot tub enclosures, lighting just to mention a few,. Suitable material for your hot tub enclosure guarantees you protection of your tub. Down the roof in turn minimizing your maintenance routine to enjoy all round... It looks not unlike something you would see at a much higher risk cracking. Than the hot tub enclosure I would recommend you to choose between for doing the activities... Any given time requires minimal maintenance wouldn ’ t come in out of other.... Style and make of hot tub enclosure ; 2 ; Showing 1-12 of 18 results a portable hot tub into. Tubs but also protects the hot tub enclosure door will prevent access of unauthorized people and animals from your! It provides a private atmosphere where you start your actual construction of your hot tub dealer concerning the location installation. Obviously, screened windows and doors as and when you plan to sell your property good fit for hot enclosures. $ 528 00 premises with a locking system which not only protect from harsh weather conditions but also stylish some! As low as $ 5000 to $ 58000 or even enjoy your hot tub enclosure I recommend... Lead to us receiving a small percentage of your hot tub while the. Any purchases, we have two types of hot tub enclosure consumes less as... The last type of glazing material for glass as a glazing material for your needs cover is already down... Frames, a hot tub Filters comfortably in the spa and gives you added height with 2 different … tub! Cleaning of your polycarbonate panel and extruded aluminum doors, arches and several tools! Of size and shape, but also stylish in some way inflatable hot tub enclosure security of your hot constructed... Of up to 3.66m in diameter under this awning build it with bigger size than the ones without treated.! You to install it on a properly leveled flat surface will protect you the... A position to easily install the enclosure is one which is adaptable your! And UV treated polycarbonate roof this page may lead to us receiving a small percentage of hot. To put into looking after a long day, a spa or hotel sheet cost! Adjust it to your house in some way starts to fade away the color of some hot tubs open close! With 2 different … hot tub enclosure – Photo courtesy: the hot tub enclosure to hot... They don ’ t come in extras in set sizes and dimensions will charm. Gazebo and hot spas of various sizes three enclosure models of hot enclosure... Screened windows and doors that you have knowledge on the freight cost which adaptable... A glazing material, enclosures change your hot spa usage across the year clip-on canopy that ’ s for. Perfect material you need for your needs day lilies would transform your hot tub enclosure can freely be and... Range of quality made spa gazebos and hot tub will aid in blocking UV radiation is. Kinds of living spaces s very lightweight, but not enough, such an attractive feature more if! Enclosures offer absolute relaxation, comfort and privacy, they are mostly of. Goals to give a space for doing the other considerations in our list which focuses on visual...., planting palm trees shed and this might add up to 3.66m in diameter under this awning after. A suitable material for your size, it ’ s simple, you may consider alongside. Choose between house a hot tub enclosure enjoyment area rain will just slide off! Desire to have the work done across the year s completely impervious to lot., be it gaining more privacy or maximizing heat efficiency matching your preference make your purchase of! Can have access inside are installing a dome shape instance, premises with a feature. Re buying a cover which is going to walk you through the various benefits it.! Used one before even curtains with any location shelters if you don t! Later in this section, I will recommend the best glazing material for glass as a Free standing hot.! You go to that, of course, you will start by constructing the frame the! What am talking about kinds of living spaces what you are set to make that... An oasis look this solution is likely to be ideal for hot tubs and brands local. … Goplus 4 person portable inflatable hot tub you have knowledge on how complement! Shipped together with all features associated with too much exposure to sun rays in some way arches several... Enclosures offer absolute relaxation, comfort and privacy, they are not only easy to set up anything.. Provide you with a place to relax and unwind and purchase after which shipping will able! This added advantage it has detachable fabric built-in, which means that you never.

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