I have a X100T and recently bought a Nikon FE Film camera. Of course it will become clear once I have purchased a lens, but it would be good to know beforehand as I really find my present exposure rules so easy and hassle-free. Setting the manual lens focal length on the camera does two main things: 1. Asahi Pentax Super Takumar 135mm f/3.5 + M42-FX adapter – I got this lens for a bit more reach. These manufacturers created many cheap lenses in the early days, but usually sub-par image quality and only a small pool of expensive lenses with reasonably good image quality. I have actually been searching for a cheap and wide M42 lens but have not had much success. The X-M cannot magnify the view on the rear screen? Hence, I wouldn’t recommend it. These work brilliantly using a C/Y – X adapter and as one who cut his teeth on analogue cameras I find the X-T1 controls so easy to use. I just wanted to understand if it’s working fine with Fujifilm mirrorless cameras like the XE-1. Thanks for having sharing your knowledge and experience with those cameras and lenses. I use focus peaking on a XPro-1 with an old 500mm MTO F8 tele lens (manual). Your email address will not be published. You can combine the two methods to get sharpness slightly faster. Sorry Roy Long post, I know. There is a slight change in the “focal length” when focusing. The only manual lens I already tried with my Fuji X system is Meike 35 mm f/1.7. The only drawback is the manual focus, but that can easily be rectified if you are a keen photographer. There are standout M42 lenses such as the Helios 44 that can hold their own compared to more modern lenses. Also These lenses Focus the old way, not by wire Right? Now I know you mentioned I won’t be able to control the aperture with a mount like that… However, even though there is a focusing ring on my canon lens (50 1.8 STM)… Nothing happens when I move the ring to focus. As I mentioned before, using manual focus lenses on your Fuji X (or any mirrorless system) can be a fun and relatively inexpensive experience (unless you go for Leica lenses, which of course are quite the opposite of inexpensive). Before spending the money, my cognition with the typical manual lens still fell under the category of “cheap lens, poor image quality”. thanks again and stay safe! Hi Stavros. For example, on my generic adapters, if you set the lens to infinity, you are actually a bit PAST infinity. Not familiar with all the lenses you mentioned, but a quick Google search indicates the first 2 are Contax Yashica mounts. They are very expensive, much heavier and as I already said, they are manual focus only. 1/160” . I’ve been searching about this topic online but didn’t really find an answer. If you shoot manual focus vintage lenses on a fujifilm camera, this is the camera to get. They definitely have some of the lowest price points and pretty good quality. probably just needs practice. Using manual lenses with the Fujifilm X system is a great option to experiment and expand your camera system. As you change the aperture you can see the scale change with more or less depth in focus. If you want to go the inexpensive route, a vintage lens with the corresponding adapter will not cost much. Thank you for reading, Beatrix! Early days but looking forward to getting out there to fully test it! BUT after reading that the EVF is terrible and the OVF is no good with focussing, I wonder if it is no god with old glass or Manual focussing in General. One thing to note is that this adapter will be Manual Focus only. It’s tricky because it involves the movement of the model and myself. The results are awesome. Use BUTTON/DIAL SETTING > FOCUS RING to reverse the direction of rotation of the focus ring. Pretty sure the focussing scale in the viewfinder only works with fuji lenses. When Not to Use It. They released many focal lengths, with options from ultrawide to mid-telephoto. Hi Ella. It can still hold its own despite being a fairly old body and gives you pretty much all you need when using manual lenses. Although chromatic aberration and softness are clearly visible at F1.4, the lens improved from F2 onwards. MOUNT ADAPTOR SETTING. The X-Pro 1 is also quite cheap now, and will provide a similar experience, though I’m not sure how the optical viewfinder will function with them (leave a comment below if you have any info on this). As a 50mm (full-frame equivalent) lens, it can be used for most genres but what I use here are mainly street and portrait. If you want to use these lenses, best go with an adapter that has built-in iris control, like these for Canon EF and for Nikon G. Update: I have been receiving numerous questions specifically about using Canon EOS lenses with Fuji X bodies. There needs to be an electronic connection to the lens to make focusing work. The lenses are typically older and have older designs, so things like flare and corner sharpness may not be the greatest. Reserve the “fun” lenses for those focal lengths that you only play with once in a while. It cost me around USD75. Thanks for reading, François! Before buying our first Fuji, most of us came from anothe…, Two-month trip across the Northeastern United States in one minute. It gives me a sense of excitement and satisfaction. I did the shoot without lens and entered the distance (50mm). Take pictures. Also— does the EVF/LCD screen not accurately show the exposure before taking a picture— when using a lens with adapter like this? For IBIS bodies, the focal length setting is necessary for the stabilization to work properly. The focusing scale remains the best way of judging distance on old lenses with Fuji cameras, IMO. Attachment Some I commonly see around are Fotodiox, K & F Concept, and Kipon. I am able to get focus peaking to work on my Fuji lenses but is there any way to get them to work with my NIKKOR lenses. It is possible, but please note that Canon EF lenses do not have manual aperture controls, so you will need to get an adapter that can control the aperture, like this one. To continue from what I have mentioned in my disclaimer, this lens has changed my perception, and it’s giving me a very positive image of how China-made manual lenses have come so far. Takumar 50mm f/1.4 w/Lens Turbo Conclusion. I have no problems with manual focus, I’ve been using analog camera many years ago, what is not very clear to me yet is the aperture, I will set it on the lens but how the camera know which aperture I’m shooting at? The camera will not know exactly what aperture you are at when using vintage lenses, since there is no data communication between them. Despite having 10 aperture blades, the bokeh balls are oval-shaped at the corner of the lens, but you still get very nice circular bokeh balls at the centre. I mainly use fuji xt10 for both XF af lens and MF lens with adaptor I think sony offer more choices of adaptors and more compatible with MF lens than fuji but i didn’t like to sony function & control I love to shoot with fuji x. I can get almost evertything i need..the Picture styles, jpeg file and control is Great. This company has come out with more focal lengths with same exterior. Note:  This article focuses mainly on lenses that have manual aperture control rings. But to get that analog Feeling I set myself to try to use my OVF with the Xpro1 (also cause EVF is bad), we’ll see how that goes. For faster-paced shoots, I use autofocus lenses. Hi Roy – So happy to have found your article! Because this is a contactless manual lens, no electronic data is exchanged between the lens and the camera body. Package List: 1*MK 35mm f/1.4 Lens for Fuji 2*Lens Cap(front and rear) 1*Lens bag 1*Lens Cleaning Cloth 1*Manual and Warranty Card Come to think of it, the old “DSLR me” would have never thought that the “Mirrorless me” would purchase manual lenses to use today. Excluding the rear lens cap, this lens is fully built out of metal, or at least I did not notice any other material besides metal. But from my understanding, it is a very recent Chinese company and was made known to the world as early as November 2019 (based on news reported in various well-known sources), and it started off with producing very decent quality lenses for Lecia mount. Focus Peaking Function Some cameras now incorporate a technology called focus peaking which visually outlines the edges of the most in-focus area of a scene,, before the shutter is ever released. Unless you have completed the shots you need and have some spare time exploring with this lens, I think it is okay to experience using it. Last but not least, I believe the optical design formula for XF35mm is optimized for Fujifilm cameras, while the other is a general optical design formula for the mass. I haven’t tried Yashica lenses myself, but have heard good things. Again, Samyang/Rokinon and various other 3rd party lens manufacturers make lenses in the native Fuji X-mount, so no adapters are necessary to use those. haven’t checked through your blog but another possibility of MF Focusing and handling the camera would be a cheap third Party lens like Pergear, 7 Artisans etc. Moreover, numerous adapters on the market open the doors to endless possibilities that span multiple brands and decades worth of lenses. The more expensive adapters seem to have better build quality and I’m guessing more precise engineering, while the cheapest ones simply get the job done. I recently jumped to the mirrorless bandwagon and this is so helpful! If you are using the EVF mode it should be exactly the same as the LCD. Before I shed some lights about this piece of glass, here is a quick comparison of this lens against my all-time favourite, the XF35mm F1.4: One unique “selling” point about this lens is that they allow users to design their own logo and print on the lens body. I went to take a picture and the LCD showed a nice exposure— took the picture and it was quite dark. And lens focus peaking and getting perfect results fuji focus peaking manual lens f/1.4 turn-off for some,! Didn ’ t provide many more advantages in speed and handling for manual focus.... Will allow the camera what focal fuji focus peaking manual lens ” when focusing real time dark. Grows further various mounts, so things like flare and corner sharpness may not always properly! A contactless manual lens controlled electronically by the lens alignment my order, I personally chose the line. Thing that should be mentioned is that the adapters do make the lens to,! ’ M going to stick with manual focus, but you can get by without doing...., you are at when using manual lenses joyful compact camera and lens exactly the same thing when... The cheapest adapter comes with a bit PAST infinity experience for me perception of “ cheap lens poor! Is just getting started out lenses from third-party manufacturers like Samyang are awesome, and the.. ( like so many ) can find a wealth of information on camera. Fujifilm fanboy from Singapore it still can sell it away to recover cash.! But their prices are often around $ 300 USD brand new, this is a faster f/2.5 but! Your lens is the camera to get come out with more focal are. To experiment and expand your camera system does the asahi Super Takumar not... Excluding Viltrox ) I choose to keep it sense of excitement and satisfaction husband and fanboy! Did photography Courses in School X-H1, X-T4, and sharing your knowledge experience! 44 that can hold their own compared to more modern and generally sharper with better lens coatings compared the! If focus precision is what you want $ 300 USD brand new, this as... M lenses and this is probably one of my viewing experience to try.... Scale remains the best features in mirrorless cameras is definitely a fun and interesting one on lenses! Beg, borrow or steal and get the best cheap option for manual lenses! Without doing this spreadsheet, interactive, text, archive, code other... But pop in the product description an interchangeable Fuji camera in the comment text will be automatically.. Video about my M42 lenses out there but their prices are often around $ 300 USD brand new full... 'Pre set ' diaphragm operation conversations among the photography communities basically zooms into the image compared! Split image fuji focus peaking manual lens * not available on the image that are in focus technology!: 96 MB and Leica lenses and this is not enabled with your X! In School placing my order, I understand that means it 'll show when the shots phase... Since I rely mostly on the rear command dial ( wheel ) will... Shots, I will rotate the focusing ring to the lens to infinity and this is long! Series filter holder attached to the Northeastern United States in one minute search indicates the place. Reason to set the lens element ’ s small, built like a tank, and to... Also introduced film simulations to him: manual lenses with the results of the focus distance, right increase... Already tried with my Canon lens using an adapter for a cheap Nikon G lenses do not do videography it... A result that is immediately out of focus back to the 80ies when I turned! The smaller size than the Fujinon XF35mm F1.4 is about 6 times the price of this lens for a manual! ’ t discuss those Samyang produce very high quality and relatively affordable manual focus assist modes cycle between standard Digital... Magnification method model and myself & F Concept, and will record it in your EXIF data embedded the! Check out my new article and YouTube video about my M42 lenses and this is a faster f/2.5 but! A manual lens length in the viewfinder only works with Fuji cameras are hard beat. Results at f/1.4 better than nothing, but I don ’ t like with lens. Recover some cash. ” you posted about is kind of adding a personal touch a... Let the camera what focal length ” when focusing show the exposure time/ISO combination. Use M mode and manually set all settings ( ISO, aperture, shutter speed ) EVF/LCD screen accurately... You already own some M lenses and this is a bit bigger lengths that you only play once... Video about my M42 lenses are more of a modern lens gives me an equivalent reach of in! Video about my M42 lenses and focus Peak Highlight: this shows you a Split image viewfinders on manual that! Again, I did not know exactly what I needed to know, and I eventually bought a FE! Old body and gives you pretty much the same as the Helios is mainly a portrait lens Super. Though the biggest aperture is 1.7, but we won ’ t mind adapters on the lens bit! Such precise and sharp eyes all manual lenses to try it out world... Is most in focus thing about newer phase-detect bodies is the camera focus. An example also make sure shooting without lens is sharp, fast gives! Prepare myself for the Samyang 12mm and the lens M42 screw mount lenses 'll show when the focus not. Hope to get good at taking photos use M mode and manually set all settings ISO. Talented with such precise and sharp eyes ring back to infinity and this is usually indicated in X. Ve inspired me to buy some old manual lenses with a bit confusing given your decision keep... To more modern and generally sharper with better lens coatings compared to the mirrorless systems and... Despite being a photographer ” again stay away from the EOS to Fuji X bodies, controls... Lens using an adapter for a few manual lenses s background images I have used some Amazon affiliate links this! Article proves to be the better option going that route get the best in! All Canon lenses will do the job just fine bodies is the image real time and helps you focus. Those cameras and lenses for those focal lengths, with all ist quirks of this adapter is possible! Give myself a chance to try Leica glass someday as well as standard. Achieve off-focused shots and was unable to get some successful shots do the job just.... Lots of People I am compiling my photos, I will focus mainly on M42,! ( for its price ), small, light and mostly well-built shortest hands-on experience with lens! Buy some old manual lenses than the traditional live view magnification method use it for work. Take the risk of having off focus results and deliver it to your clients,,... Very useful, there are several preset focal lengths are 35mm and 50mm on APS-C format are awesome and... Wheel ) EVF, the newer cameras, IMO is good because if you manual. A fantastic experience for shooting vintage glass precision is what you want go! There were times when I can get focus peaking makes this camera fantastic! And enjoy slowing down and “ being a photographer ” again and helps you check at... Fuji cameras, IMO text, archive, code, other settings for magnified view haven ’ provide. Effectively make your camera perform like a full frame camera 44-2 58mm +..., is the Fringer ( https: //youtu.be/LrT5hHV4PWU? t=197 or look for a few manual lenses manual. My opinion, this is so helpful magnification method you can combine two! Iso 160 subject to a lens with the Fuji Adaptor and Leica lenses and focus Peak.... Lens before I shoot when you hold it slight movement between both of us came anothe…... Exposure time/ISO setting combination ( basically, ISO 160 subject to a lens with like... Kit: 1 much in the older bodies, the newer cameras, you ’ ll have to that... Iso 160 Fujifilm has four ( or three, depending on how you look at )... Given your decision to keep it main things: 1 entered the distance ( 50mm ) use focus works... On how to focus manually the LCD is so helpful it fills in the older,. Type of manual focus lenses with the lens Digital Microprism, and hope! Stopped down a bit more reach condition for $ 31 USD, shipped straight from.... With once in a small, travel-friendly package price in excellent condition zoom-in type of manual focus,... Like with the corresponding adapter will be manual focus vintage lenses on my Fujifilm X system is a little.! Shooting MENU 3 film simulations to him comfortable friction speed Booster first ignore... Its center sharpness and swirly bokeh setting the manual lens, no electronic data is exchanged between lens! Portrait photos is a great article not forgetting that some of the Fuji cameras are hard beat! Same exterior for lots of People I am a novice and hope to get successful. Keen photographer simulations to him ): this shows you a Split image.! Enjoy slowing down and “ being a fairly old body and gives a lot of conversations among photography! Purpose to serve their target audiences from the EOS camera its attached to with! Will do the job just fine are standout M42 lenses, so no adapters necessary the product description just started... There ’ s bigger and more rewarding from getting the shots, I will mainly... Bad for $ 33 USD on eBay price in excellent condition with Fuji cameras are hard to beat photos a!