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This is a Sample Survey showing a small variety of a basic survey that you can create yourself or have i4Campaigns do for you by finding out what package works best for you by contacting us at i4Campaigns.

i4Campaigns Surveys uses open source software to save money for everyone that includes you. Being able to provide services for a reasonable fee for making surveys for you to training you to do your own for a monthly subscription. Open Source Software makes it cost effective for us so that we can charge you less a win, win situation for both of us. We use Lime Survey by customizing and developing what we can on our end so that it's easy to use for you. Surveys are a great tool for gathering information from you customers as well your visitors to help you find out what you can do to change your website by adding or removing things that are working and not working. The same goes for social media.

There is 1 question in this survey