Not only because of its rich flavor and wide variety but also because of Koreans’ love for freshness. South Korea has two volcanic islands—Cheju (Jeju), off the peninsula’s southern tip, and Ullŭng, about 85 miles (140 km) east of the mainland in the East Sea—and a small-scale lava plateau in Kangwŏn province. Feel like drinking on a public bus? How-To & Guides. For those a bit more picky like myself…. WANT TO GET LIVE UPDATES? I have seen various sports caps and jerseys – the most common usually being either LA or NY. The Korean word for “DMZ” is 비무장지대 (bimujangjidae). One of the interesting facts about blood types in South Korea is that they are thought to contribute to a person’s personality and characteristics. It’s not considered unlucky. 27. If you have future plans to travel to South Korea for your studies or business, it is important to know more than just their pop culture trends and how to speak the language. Do you know any interesting facts about South Korea? They don’t have to worry about seeking parental approval because their parents often encourage it and pay for it! Your sense of smell is going to go into overload… and it’s not always a good thing. See our privacy policy for more. While you may need to clear out some space in your house to stockpile all the extra household supplies, the great thing about this tradition is that it makes picking out housewarming presents a piece of cake. South Korea’s economic freedom score is 74.0, making its economy the 25th freest in the 2020 Index. Goryeo means “high and clear.” Some poetic interpretations of the name Korea are “Land of High Mountains and Sparkling Streams” and “Land of the Morning Calm.” In the West, we often hear news about their neighbors up North. Its overall score has increased by 1.7 points due to higher scores in the rule-of-law pillar. Back to personal space. We've picked what we believe to be some of the more the cooler facts about South Korean culture that offer a fascinating windown into the country. Korea is a very safe country to live and travel. 8. There are different schools of thought as to why this is. Kimchi is also wonderful for the digestive health, so Koreans are way ahead of the game for making it a part of every meal. But an international driver’s license is a good to have on hand when exploring the countryside, or even taking a trip outside the country. ctaList.push('ce7d9091-7f6a-44d8-abf6-2e41f5ba37c2'); 6. However, because it’s such a normal occurrence, you won’t hear people complain about how tired they are unless you specifically bring up sleep. That means that unique species of plants and wild animals have been able to flourish, unharmed by the hand of man. Kimchi is a fermented dish that can utilize a variety of vegetables and seasonings depending on preference. The average Korean can drink them under the table. ), “Teacher, did your boyfriend have a six pack?” (Definitely pass.). While New Year’s is celebrated in South Korea, it’s not a huge celebration. It’s just one of many Korean urban legends. On average, South Korea has the fastest internet connection speed, and they’re beating every other country’s internet speeds by a significant amount. Koreans seem to love American/English brand items, movies, singers/bands, sports…. Over half of Korea's population is living in Seoul greater metropolitan area - the capital of South Korea and center of politics, finance, culture and creativity; Seoul is divided by the Han River and surrounded by stony-crested mountains and harsh, yet beautiful landscapes. If you’re planning on having a housewarming party (집들이 | jipdeuri) after the move in, don’t bother buying toilet paper or laundry detergent. Whether you are on a bus, a subway, or an elevator, be prepared to surrender any of that personal bubble you may like to usually have. If your mouth is watering at the thought of some squirming octopus, you can order some 산낙지 (sannakji | live octopus) when you visit the country. 22 June 2017. The most common seekers of plastic surgery in South Korea are women. New Year’s Eve, on the other hand, is typically a party environment spent with friends at a pub, club, or house party. Life in Korea. 29. With the foundation of the Joseon Dynasty in 1394, Seoul became the capital city. The literacy rate in South Korea is more than 95%. In the year 1953, the two sides agreed to a truce. There are 250 different types of kimchi, which explains how kimchi can be versatile enough to be incorporated into so many different types of South Korean dishes! For many people around the globe, Christmas is a time to return back to your hometown and spend time with family. Life in Korea. White Day is essentially another Valentine’s Day, held a month later on March 14th. Some also have international soccer teams - Brazil seems to be a popular jersey - and a few of English soccer teams (Man United or Liverpool usually). Family of four estimated monthly costs: ₩4,852,189; Single person estimated monthly costs: ₩2,216,688; Cost of living in South Korea is more expensive than in 78% of countries in Asia (3 out of 9) Cost of living in South Korea is more expensive than in 73% of countries in the World (21 out of 74) If you believe that the Irish and Russians are the “best drinkers”, you are sadly mistaken my friends. This policy has since greatly contributed to substandard living conditions for the nation’s people. Before moving to Korea, she spent 4 years teaching in the United States. Approximately 90% of that land is mountainous, meaning that the Koreans have had to use space ingeniously to make room for everybody. Its capital, Seoul, is one of its largest cities with a population of over 10 million. One of the most interesting facts about South Korea that often gets confused is when to use names or titles. Tax: $30 Stereotype: Asians are all brilliant, especially at math. Helena Lorimer, Capetonian in South Korea. However, it’s apparently relatively easy to get around the censorship by using proxy servers to access restricted sites, so don’t let the censorship deter you from visiting South Korea! South Korea utilizes a different system that has its own unique set of perks — rather than sending heat through vents, most South Korean homes are heated through the floor! In a South Korean's mind, if they buttoned their yap about such things because it was "private," the other person's health might suffer. The National Institute of Biomedical Information conducted a study that researched the cause of life expectancy in South Korea increasing over the past few decades. What is the EPIK Program for Teaching English in South Korea? Sleep Deprivation is a (very) Common Occurrence, 24. Written by: Cassandra Simons. Pass? Answers to life's questions / facts / Interesting Facts about South Korea; Interesting Facts about South Korea. (At least, that’s what I tell myself so that I feel less guilty.) Below are some general info such as total population, land area, biggest lake, highest mountain and other general facts about South Korea that might be interesting to know. It is not as cheap as living in some Asian countries like Laos or China, but it is also not as expensive as Japan or Singapore. There are many endangered animal species living in South Korea. Many are surprised to see that Koreans are the top drinkers in Asia by far. You can brush up on your Konglish by learning the word 화이트데이 (White Day). The official name for the country is the Republic of Korea. Whether you’re ordering from a Korean barbecue restaurant or a fast-food restaurant, you will probably have your food delivered to you via an employee on a motorcycle. However, in many countries, Samsung is only known for its cutting edge cell phone technology, when in reality they’re also responsible for creating modern and reliable armored cars for military use and medical equipment among other technologies. One of the common facts is that South Koreans think that there is some significance to their blood type. In 2016 she plans to move to Japan to continue teaching English to students there. If you don’t have a credit card and live in South Korea, getting one is a worthwhile investment. South Korea Facts | Resources. How-To & Guides . South Koreans work hard, are paid well and enjoy a stable currency and a high standard of living. The more facts you learn, the more you’ll want to know! Your email address will not be published. Besides the popular reasons for the country’s fame, there are a lot of unique facts about South Korea that you don’t hear about until you are actually experiencing everyday life here. Have you had a long night out in South Korea? "Korean Culture." This can be rooted in their tradition and culture where most holidays are celebrated with alcohol. Because of these beliefs, automatic shutoff timers on fans in South Korea are seen as a life-saving feature. One of our favorite places is near Insadong. My middle school boys are obsessed with anything to do with Avengers, and their favorite singers are often Maroon 5, Jason Mraz or Lady Gaga.

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