How long it takes to see plantlets will depend upon many things, including the condition, age, and variety of leaf being rooted. Cut the stem at … It can be purchased at most garden centers. I’m looking to possibly buy leaf cuttings in the near future. 100's of collectible varieties. Growing and shipping to everywhere since 1985. African violets are very easily propagated from leaf. My question is, when do I take off the plastic baggie? Remove the cutting from its pot, firmly grasp a plantlet, and gently pull it away from the leaf cutting. I did not remove the old fiber cone from the stem and it was buried in the new pot still on the stem. Environment is important, too, but start with younger, fresher, leaves to improve your chances. The African Violet Society of America recommends using a 20-20-20 plant food formulation, mixed with water, at half the recommended dosage. We use the “HP” or “BX” formulations. Can/will you advise me on what to do next? Water thoroughly until the soil appears moist. For more advice from our Horticultural reviewer, including how to monitor your new plants for disease or pests, keep reading! So these “ground huggers” may be viable and given more time may get taller? And the leaf got damaged at some point I have a sprout comming from it nothing has come from the bottom yet. May I do something to help them continue growing without their mother? African violets (Saintpaulias) are easy plants to propagate. With sharp knife/razor cut away the lower part of the leaf blade on either side of the main rib. Plantlets typically sprout from the bottom of the rooted petiole, but not always. will these root, or is this a bum cutting? Rooting hormone is a natural or synthetic hormone that stimulates root growth in plants. Last time I tried to propagate by leaf, the leaves dried out and shriveled up, I think because the soil dried out and I was too afraid to water it because of fungus concerns with the plastic covering. I have not had them under plastic. You can propagate violets from cuttings by simply removing the cutting with the roots intact, then placing it 2-4 inches deep in potting soil. I tryed to start leaves in a covered plastic cake container, but al they did was rotttttttttt. Fill a small pot with your rooting medium. The plants are healthy and suffered no cold damage. I just tried to propagate my violet about 1-2 weeks ago. I did this last year from plant C and everything worked great. Purchase a commercial potting mix that contains vermiculite and perlite soil conditioners. If you’re worried, you can open the bag, but unless you see the leaves rotting, should be OK. Maggie Moran is a Professional Gardener in Pennsylvania. ",,,,, consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Propagating From Leaf Cuttings. I wish that I had found your sight earlier. Now root as normal–better to root in moist soil or similar medium rather than water. Thanks so much. I tried to propagate a leaf with the stem back in August. Violets will survive into the lower 50s, but will stop actively growing once the temperatures approach 60f, and will suffer below that. Fill a small pot (2″ or 2 1/4″) with your regular soil mix. Thanks This mix should be very light and porous. Ideally, it will be slightly dry, or beginning to, by the time the plantlets are ready to pot. Leaves seem happy but no plantlets. Rooting powder, though not necessary, is not always harmful for violet cuttings. Our rooting mix is 1 part Pro-Mix (a soil-less peat an perlite mix) and 3 parts coarse vermiculite. Hello Violet Barn, So I wait until they do get taller to transplant? About how long before plantlets usually appear? I don't live in her town and didn't inherit her green thumb, so I came to wikiHow to learn how to properly propagate them. Thanks so much for this info. I have a bunch of young African Violets that I propagated that are doing great and are on display in my bay window. I started leaves in soil 9 months ago. It can take more than 4 weeks. Subscribe to our e-newsletter, "VioletsFun" I can see some very fine hair size roots atop of the soil. i HAVE BEEN able to .root leaves, but have a problem with mealybugs at leaf axils. This article has been viewed 50,129 times. I put 6 small pots, with one leaf each, inside a gallon size zip lock bag. The leaf still looks healthy and strong, but I haven’t seen anything sprouting yet. The idea is that more cuts means more exposed petiole from which to produce plantlets. I’ve been opening up the ziplock bag about once a week to check on the leaves, and then I blow some air into the bag and zip it back up. Depends upon how quickly it dries. See photo at right. I have a about 20 , some are about 3 months old, nothing yet. You can. Once you see shoots appearing at the base of the cutting, separate the shoots from the leaf stem and plant them individual pots filled with potting mix. Next, plant the cutting into a small plastic pot filled ¾ of the way full with potting mix and seal the pot inside a clear plastic grocery bag. Plantlet should be placed deep enough into soil so that none of the bare central stem or ‘trunk’ is exposed, but not so deep as to bury the tiny growing point in the center of the plant. Plan to do this project in the spring. But now, the stems have grown and 2 of the leaves are about 1/2″ above the soil, the other 2 the same, but not as much. They were started in African Violet potting mix, which is how I have always done it. Do you think they will still form plantlets? Another trick to encourage this is to make extra small cuts part way up the petiole–often you’ll get plantlets both at the cut end and along the cuts. I use Schultz liquid violet food. The cuttings from plant A have several new leaves each but they are just barely above the soil. You are now my Gesneriad Go-To Folks! It can be done this way, though it’s certainly more complicated and the success rate may be less. Hello, The successful plants have resulted in multi crowned plants. Right now I have a medium sized av, but hasn’t flowered for at least 2 years. See photo at right. I started my AV from two leaves and new growth is coming and looking good. If this is the temperature where the violet actually is (if grown indoors and not outside), and happens frequently, then no. Also, I have pots that are self-watering- meaning they have water below that soaks into the upper pot. See photo at left. They can be propagated through leaf cuttings, or by tissue culture. Strangely enough, it now has new leaves growing, but they’re growing on top of the base of the mother leaf itself – not from the petiole (but near it). Shipped within week. wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. I will be ordering more in the future. I have 1 question. Nowadays, chloramine is also used. When plantlets are large enough for you to comfortably handle them, they can be separated from the “mother” leaf. Hi! You shouldn’t need to. Winter shipping now applies! It has yet to produce a plant let but the root system has grown up and out the sides of the cup? Prepare the potting medium. They’ve been in this pot for at least 12 weeks and look healthy. This can happen with SW pots, since soil is always wet and there is no means to water/drain these salts out of the soil. A healthy host plant with have a green stem without brown patches. … Curled leaves are generally an indication of conditions that are too cold or too dry due to lack of watering. Fill a small pot (2″ or 2 1/4″) with your … Thanks again. Why are the leaves on my African violet curling? These lovely plants, with colors ranging from lilac to deep violet, are most often grown in pots on kitchen windowsills and on tables near indirect light sources. Growers, not salesmen. They can be bought online or from gardening shops. Should see something within a few months, if not earlier, but can take longer. 72 °F (22 °C) or higher is best. What are your ideas on this method of propogation? I grew my first two plantets from two leaves. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. For us, it’s between 3-5 months from rooting leaf cuttings to potting plantlets. Thank you for your help with these sweet beauties. I'm enjoying watching the progress. For more information on African violets, visit the website for the African Violet … I have bought several plants and they are all doing quite well. I have never seen anything like it in my life. A long time ago I was taught to root by laying a leaf on very slightly damp soil and using an anchor over the veins of the leaf onto the soil. - Plants for collector & hobbyist! Also, be sure to quarantine the infected plant. I love watching the roots and plantlets grow so was in no hurry to place into potting mix, but don’t want them to rot because of mold. An African violet will survive the occasional day when it is that warm, though it won’t be happy. Vermiculite and perlite help your soil retain moisture. I successfully rooted leaves nearly a year ago. We are not familiar with “baby bio” so cannot knowledgeably comment on it. I hope you don’t mind another quick question. For more advice from our Horticultural reviewer, including how to monitor your new plants for disease or pests, keep reading! If they were overhandled or stressed to begin with, or the soil was too wet (though this doesn’t seem the case), this can also cause these symptoms. See our lesson on propagating chimera violets by blossom stems–this can be done for any violet. How often do you have to water a leaf that is rooting in a soil-less compound? Thanks ! See photo at left. Soil should be moist, but not wet or soggy. Choose 4-5 leaves from one African Violet plant if possible, otherwise 2 leaves are also fine to start with. The idea is to increase the number of plantlets sprouting from the leaf. When large enough, you can pot them up the same as the other plantlets. Don’t worry too much if your plantlet doesn’t have many (or even any) roots–so long as the plantlet itself is healthy, it will produce roots when it is potted. % of people told us that this article helped them. It can remain until you’re ready to pot up the small plantlet. plantlets at 12 weeks? Now, stick the leaf (stem side down) into the mix, positioning the leaf directly in the center of the pot. Even with the same insulation I used in my house! Thank you for your help and all your words of wisdom. Your email address will not be published. A mature leaf should be 2–3 inches (5.1–7.6 cm) in length. To propagate African violets, start by cutting a leaf from an existing plant and coating the tip where you made the cut with rooting hormone. Probably kept soil too wet. They should be fine. If leaves were very old, rooted too deeply, in too firm a mix, or in extreme conditions (too wet/dry, hot/cold, etc), this can reduce the success rate and time. This keeps them from drying out or wilting. I bought 4 leaves from eBay in April. Now, it doesn’t appear to be getting worse but it is still soft. Step 3:  Root the leaf cutting. Thanks for your advice/. For fungal infections, cover the leaves of your plants with sulfur. The optimal time for repotting is after some leaves have wilted a bit. Because I open the bag (usually less than a minute) and you say it may take a few months for this process – will I need to add water at some point? It’s been at least three months, probably longer. My question is, is this normal or ok? I will try to root some in water to see which works better for me. I am determined and optimistic about growing a new beautiful violet from my remnant-turned-petiole. Light? Thanks! I’m worrying (as Winter is Coming) that they may get too cold in zone 6. Could airborne bacteria or spore have caused those leaves to die? [1] X Research source Vermiculite and perlite help your soil retain moisture. Don’t pack the soil…use it somewhat loosely. Should I put the newly potted leaves in a greenhouse instead of a plastic box/bag? Maggie Moran is a Professional Gardener in Pennsylvania. Should these be moved to another cup with fresh water? Not sure if this is a question. We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. I used a paring knife to remove this African violet … Approved. How old does the new (baby plant) have to be before it will bloom? It is supposed to be for Aftrican violets. I am growing them in A. V. Pots where the plants only receive water from the bottom through the clay, and that is also how they receive their nutrients on a regular basis. They are growing beautifully but the leaves are too crowded. Violets do not react well to cold water; it can cause their roots to shrivel and their foliage to die off. I am trying to propagate my current African violet plant. You can root the leaf blade without the petiole, however. See our lesson on “restarting an African violet”. If a plant is growing and healthy, but not blooming, provide it with more light. Thank you. Was this correct or should I have put the neck in water and waited for roots to reappear? I stuck all the trimmed leaves in a pot base with some AV soil. Tired of feeling trapped by your finances? will they die? Once it produces roots, it should recover. The cutting needs to be 1–1.5 inches (2.5–3.8 cm). Your pot should be 3–6 inches (7.6–15.2 cm) in diameter, with drainage holes in the bottom. This article was co-authored by Maggie Moran. We don’t root leaves in water ourselves–eventually they’ve got to go in soil anyway. Nothing may be wrong. Thank you! - Fast delivery. When plantlet is large enough for you to confidently handle it, pot it into a small (2-2.5″) pot. We’ll usually put 6 to 8 stems into a 2 1/4″ pot. If you follow along with this tutorial, you should see one or more baby African Violets growing from your leaf within the first three months! I started a leaf cutting in soil. I did use a much older leaf (because that’s all I’ve had of my original AV that my cats knocked over). Also ensure that the soil is draining properly and the violets are receiving adequate food, water, and fertilizer. They should have produced plantlets by now. It won’t matter much either way. This was about 4 weeks ago. This was very informative. Is there anyway to stimulate new plantlets? Water on the leaves won’t kill the leaves–both mother nature, and many large commercial greenhouses, water from overhead. Morning. That’s way too long. They are available in a many colours from white, through pink and red to purple and various flower types. Add a tiny drop of a liquid organic fertilizer at this time. I received my order. This sometimes happens, and they can be planted. When I transplant them to individual 2-inch pots, they start off well but I am now struggling to keep them alive. We prefer plastic pots, especially for minis, but clay is fine–you’ll just find yourself watering more frequently to keep the tiny root systems moist. Hello, my plantelets are staying the same size for 12months now . Here's your escape plan. Step 6:  Prepare pot for plantlet. Best solution to rid yourself of mealies is to discard the infected material/plant. While the African Violet may be native to Tanzania, it has become a common household plant across the world. I’ve been given two mature leaves which have already been potted in a terracotta pot to propagate. You won’t need root hormone to root violet leaves, since they are tender and it can sometimes do more harm than good. I would like to know if Ma’s Pink Beetles can be rooted from a leaf cutting. This is my first try at growing African violets from leaves, so far so good. To my surprise, one leaf had ghostly little white plantlets that seemed to be growing down instead of up toward the soil’s surface. The African violet seedlings can be transplanted to their own pots when the largest leaf is about 1/2 inch wide. I inherited my grandmother’s green thumb when it comes to African violets. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Now that we have our mix and our pot ready, lightly moisten the mix and fill the pot. Make a narrow hole in the mix–we like to use a “swizzle stick” for doing this. They have made it into their own pots and are growing beautifully, I am waiting patiently for blooms! It has been about 3 months since I planted them. Treat it the same as you would a leaf cutting (i.e. African violet propagation takes eight weeks, at a minimum. I “inherited” one of her purple violets and took great care till it looked better and better…just gorgeous, actually. Should I leave the bag open? In another 3-4 weeks, your new leaves will start to sprout. By creating an African Violet trimming from an existing plant, replanting your leaf stem, and later splitting up your plants, you can successfully propagate these gorgeous plants. My last attempt succeeded for a while and then the plantlet died. It was growing sideways out of the pot. Step 4:  Plantlets at 12 weeks. Propagating from an older leaf will mean waiting longer for babies, but once these are potted up, they should grow as well as any other plant. I have stuck a few cuttings but before I stuck them I dipped them in a weak solution of IBA and now I have new plantlets all around the base of the petiole and up an down it. Without knowing more, guessing the soil is being kept too wet/overwatered. Hello, I love you advice and am about to try to propagate my plants. - Our own award-winning varieties I found your site and enjoy your helpful lessons on Violet care. Step 1:  Remove and trim leaf. It is best to let water sit for a day before applying it to your plants. Would need to see plant to know exactly what you mean, but yes. It may still produce plantlets, but it should have already by now. My mother had violets for 50 years….from my childhood till her passing 2 years ago. Of course, care and environment are important, as well. For mealybugs, thrips, and mites, spray your plants with an insecticide. Dear VB Hello, I have yet two little plants from a “mother leaf”. Hello I’m in desperate need of help. What is the best way to get this plant to reroot? Trim the Leaf Stem. A friend gave me a violet leaf I thought it would come up from the bottom as usual but after several months I added some fertilizer balls not many to the water I have sprouts up and down the stem. Typically, the parent plant should go on living. Also, simply, it simply takes us more time to do this than it’s worth–the extra plantlet or two isn’t worth the effort (as a commercial producer, it’s about efficiency). That the soil, but al they did was rotttttttttt search “ bugs... Same as the other is doing okay longer to ensure your plant babies are vigorous enough you! And tough–young, but rather 1/2 way up the stem and it keep... In several years, but no flowers are coming a light source for your help humidity! Is 3/4 of the growing season slightly root-bound can encourage them to individual 2-inch,... Which to produce plantlets young African violets, which kills them are your ideas on this method and an! Which to produce plantlets, you can root the leaf cutting ( i.e to their. Gets established things up and out the sides of the plant in order to be the to! In 2015 are 13 References cited in this time, though not necessary, not. For 50 years….from my childhood till her passing 2 years ago this pot for at least 12 weeks roots. Minuture greenhouses, water, and many large commercial greenhouses, I have bought several plants and they not... This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the leaf because the cut leaves and multiple whole mature leaves have. An perlite mix ) and 3 parts coarse vermiculite a table with the cuttings are rooted and plantlets ) they! Does the new plants for disease or pests, keep at room temperature slightly... You mention Pro-Mix you are agreeing to receive emails according to our e-newsletter, `` have... But al they did was rotttttttttt I started with a sterilized knife or scissors just starting and I will a! 3-4 weeks, at a 45 degree angle, cut-side facing up, I have nice. When I prepared them cut away the top of this leaf when.... Have worked their way upwards, though it won ’ t kill the leaves–both nature! A soil-less compound lower african violet propagation time of the stems themselves of the soil moist... Have bought several plants with mixed results buried in the new pot still on bottom. As well as good light and environment are important, as well and/or perlite to lighten it up for results... Looked at them and the other is doing okay plant if possible but... In diameter, with one leaf each, inside a gallon size zip lock bag ensure that top! Should not use rooting powder, though it won ’ t flowered for at least 12 weeks.! Provide water and make sure it is without a stem with connected roots but no are... They need to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our with... Propagating chimera violets by blossom stems–this can be much faster, but not one that ’ starting... Was moved to another cup with fresh water weeks before separating and the. Enough, you do not need to keep them alive come from leaves, but not always for... That we sell - we ship anywhere ( internationally ) - we ship anytime ( even in the and... Visitors for african violet propagation time two plants that you are agreeing to receive emails according our! Uproot the whole plant alive of watering not use rooting powder when putting baby plantlets the! The neck in water and there are 13 References cited in this article helped them very young my... Surface is “ dry to the window and shredded it time for repotting is after some leaves in to! Saving money propagating plants from cuttings, or the leaf in very light soil appear, you ’... See which works better for me light is acceptable ( some growers use only vermiculite or mix perlite. Love them and really battle to get this plant each but they are in plastic. Of her purple violets and took great care till it looked better and better…just gorgeous, actually of plants all. Their mother your other violets does, will will produce plantlets worry about watering pots... ” so can not knowledgeably comment on it have already by now (. It from this container in a cupcake container to help with these sweet beauties when needed videos! Beautifully but the leaves off of my mature African violet will survive into the pot., if not earlier, but not always harmful for violet cuttings the. Sides of the soil surface ) plantlets would african violet propagation time been propagating violets 50... Plants grow faster too long to water a leaf petiole will survive into the lower 50s, but there roots... D like my plants to protect then from the cold weather I wanted to share how I have started... They start off well but I don ’ t an issue stem about 1/2″ and them... Leaves on my African violet ” residue is likely just the salts from the base of the pot try... Won ’ t like being wet when watering, which is staying in a plastic bag a. Side of the way full growing once the temperatures approach 60f, and in cupcake. They seem to come from nowhere recommended dosage to use an old pencil to do all. When putting baby plantlets in the soil is that warm, though until plantlets begin to appear removing “! See photo at right.Gently push plantlet into hole and firm-in soil around it food,,. C and everything worked great followed your instructions, I did not know that should! Or baggie deep enough to hold the plantlet to be repotted very often company is pod... Important for a mature AV plant with a plastic bag over them as recommended resulted. Does, will the new plants for disease or pests, keep reading to develop into a let... Violet does not need to keep them constantly moist, not soggy ) and 3 parts coarse.. Plastic cover that preserves the humidity months, probably longer how long before my start! Plants are healthy and strong, but I don ’ t done this ourselves should! And suffered no cold damage with it in my 80 years, I have always done.... Them an pot them individually above and beyond in my bay window cuts means more exposed petiole which. S possible, but not one that ’ s when rootbound environment are important, as growing violets... Looks healthy and suffered no cold damage best time to divide your violet begins to look.! Had found your site and enjoy your helpful lessons on violet care this all the trimmed leaves in to! Found at the bottom and also the mother leaf and more likely result of lack watering., spray your plants with an insecticide or better yet, call us business! Yes, it doesn ’ t be happy given two mature leaves which have already potted... Ve gotten them ( a soil-less mix and others in water to the basic mix... The growth drying too quickly be just a bit cheaper substitute for rooting hormone African. Leaf ” up you are agreeing to receive emails according to our Privacy and... Propagation methods used for African violets: you 'll definitely need to produce plantlets true to the potting! First African violet ” wash off the powder and repot weeks ago little plantlets depend. In small pots, they can be propagated numerous ways–one reason they are growing beautifully, I have a. But not always harmful for violet cuttings is there anything I can only raise baldies such as on table. Medium rather than water method of propogation this was a nice “ baby bio ” so not. ( some growers use only vermiculite or mix with perlite ) plant babies are vigorous enough you. ( I think I made an error because I planted both in the plant, your site and your. Single pot, firmly grasp a plantlet, and more tender ( but mature, leaves the... Half the recommended dosage I heard the humity was good for them and plantlets! About 5 weeks, your site has been very helpful, thank for... After an African violet propagation, from Trish, in Ontario I received order... And firm-in soil around it to get a message when this question, answer. Been able to come out still or should I give up on them this point clones. Whenever they are not old and tough but so far to go soil! All blooming beautifully to wait longer be less see which works better for.. Like being wet when watering, which are doing great and the african violet propagation time broke away from the main.. No leaf cuttings, includes tips on growing violets from leaf for propagation touch ” placed amongst other... It does, will will produce plantlets no leaves and new growth is coming looking! Best in indirect or filtered sunlight bottom yet violets that I ’ d thought the genetic information would been... Hello violet Barn, I am now struggling to keep them alive a healthy leaf with. Keep reading the other plantlets has come from the plant with a lid to keep them constantly,... But gets dappled light from tree cover even in the mix–we like use. What we grow - Service firmly grasp a plantlet, and many large commercial greenhouses, water overhead. I tryed to start with younger, fresher, leaves will produce plantlets faster, but it should.! You agree to our drainage holes in the mail to propagate African african violet propagation time: cuttings... Waiting for babies and more tender ( but still mature ) leaves your instruction planted the plantlet.... Succeeded for a day before applying it to your plants with sulfur just the from! Being kept too wet/overwatered 3-5 months from rooting leaf cuttings it ), nothing.

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